My wife and I are very impressed by the exceptional work that Ceilsway Companions do around the house weather we are home or not.  I wanted to say thanks for( paying the bills, stocking the pantry and the fridge)  taking such good care of our home when we travel. You and your staff take care of almost everything, so we have less to worry about. I especially appreciate the companion you sent to assist us around the house, and the encouraging phone calls and visit that you personally made, last month when my wife came home from the hospital. We will continue to use your services, and recommend you to our friends. We wish you  all the success in the future. Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence

Before using Doreen’s services I was constantly worried about the welfare of my father and his deteriorating health. We knew he needed continuous supervised care and someone who would show him the care and respect he deserved. Doreen was a Godsend. We knew right away she was the right person for the job and the love and care she has given to my father has been heartfelt. I can say without a doubt she has made a difference in his life and she will do so for others as well. I’d be more than happy to give a phone reference upon request. Michele Welch