Terms & Privacy


Monday – Friday 7am – 6pm.

For After hours, additional  charges may apply. All services require a 24 hour notice.

Weekly or monthly schedules are available. We will be  happy to discuss how to best serve you and your family.


Please give notice of cancellation at least 24 hours prior to scheduled service.  If  24 hour notice is not received, a service charge will apply. If work has already began, ½ of the entire job cost will be charged.

Unused time:

2-4 hours from weekly or monthly packages may be carried over to another week or month.


  • Payments for services are to be made in advance. 
  • Rates does not include requested purchases.
  • Shopping services require a deposit to cover price of items.
  • We accept cash and checks. 

Coming Soon: Credit cards will be accepted via Pay Pal.

In the case of bounced checks, clients are responsible for associated penalties.

Ceilsway respects client privacy and property at all times. We do not share client information with third parties.  For home errands to be completed in the absence of the client, home access must be provided.

Ceilsway will not be liable for any loss, expenses or damages resulting from third party services.

Ceilsway reserves the right to refuse services deemed dangerous, illegal or unethical.

By sending an email to Accept{@}ceilsway.com  you agree to consent to:

Provide Cielsway with access to your home and if applicable, to your pet and to accept Ceilsway services under the conditions described.