What You Need to Know About Post-Partum Care

The first few weeks after birth and bringing home a new baby can be an exciting and trying time for parents experienced and new. It is one of the most difficult times for parents. Most mothers are still tired, sore (from labor) and sleepless because the baby is not sleeping at night. Many adjustments takes place during this time, and that sometimes leaves new parents worried that they are not taking good care of their baby.  A cesarean birth or any other difficult birth can make the transition to home life even more complicated for everyone involved. Some women are blessed and have an able mother or relative nearby willing to help care for the baby.  Other women have to, or prefer to hire someone to help out while they recover and spend quality time with their partner and baby.

The help of a good doula is invaluable during the first six weeks at home. She assist mothers, fathers and baby adjust to their new routine. She gives breastfeeding support, and help mothers physically and emotionally recover from the hard work of giving birth. A new father can also benefit from having a doula around. Most new fathers are uncertain about their abilities in caring for a new born, and the doula can assist and reassure him that his baby is in the best hands, his.    A postpartum doula cares for the new born, and can help with light housekeeping, meal preparations, run errands and provides referrals to community support resources.  To sum it all up, a postpartum doula can assist experienced parents to balance their routines, and help new parents transition to their new roles. Refer to our Post-Partum Care Services!

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