Companion Care

What is Companion Care?

A companion is described as a comrade, a friend, someone who is in the company of another for a time. When I think of companionship, I think of the times spent with a friend. So, it makes sense to refer to a Care Companion as someone that cares for others, giving emotional support and encouragement. Care companions assist seniors, disabled, or recovering clients and others to get well and stay healthy by encouraging mental, physical and social activities when appropriate.

Care Companions make life more manageable for clients that are elderly, sick, or temporarily disabled by assisting them in a non medical capasity in their homes. Care Companions can prepare nutritious meals, do light houskeeping, give medication reminders,schedule medical/beauty appointments, write letters or pay bills. They can also be escorts to events or just be the reliable and compassionate presence in their client’s life. Some people say that Care Companions are the eyes and ears for family members that cannot be there at all times, in many cases that is true.

The Benefits of having a good Care Companion is assistance when needed, a decrease of isolation and depression, A care companion presence also promotes conversation and laughter which promotes healing. A good Care Companion also empowers his/her clients by being respectful, courteous, and listening to the clients needs and desires. Some Care Companions also provide respite care (stress reliever) a much needed breaks for the family caregiver, to prevent stress overload. or a nervous breakdown.

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